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We bring Wild and Remote Adventures into your comfort zone with our expert support, so you can enjoy bucket list destinations off the beaten track with like-minded adventurers. Focus on Adventure and leave the logistics to us.

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We’d like to share our passion for wild and remote places and travelling by simple human powered means. We feel that there is no better way to connect to the epic and varied landscapes of Australia, the fascinating wildlife and indigenous culture than to ride a bicycle and camp under the stars. When one travels simply it often seems the experience is more intense.

We facilitate bicycle adventures through the spectacular Australian wilderness, whether desert, coast or high country. Our two compact four wheel drive buses are capable of going anywhere and carrying the gear to support adventurous riders who can leave the logistics, camping gear and planning to us.

We provide great food and good quality camping gear and it’s reassuring to know we’ve got your back if conditions get too tough, your bike has a problem, or you simply want a break to ride in the bus.

We make it possible to get out of your normal comfort zone and experience extraordinary adventure while accumulating memories that will surely last a lifetime.

Adventure is a big part of our trips. Sometimes track conditions change or creek crossings may be difficult, or we just want to explore a new place, but as a small group of no more than 10 clients, we have the flexibility to adapt to varying conditions or client needs. The small group size is also in line with our philosophy of sustainable travel and leaving as little impact as possible.

Come and enjoy the fun and camaraderie of like-minded people, while camping under the stars, experiencing ancient landscapes, enjoying wildlife encounters and doing what we love best… riding bikes under the big Australian sky.

Greg Scamporlino - LifeCycle Adventures

Greg Scamporlino

founder and guide

Greg Scamporlino

is the original Bush Mechanic having worked in remote field service as a heavy diesel mechanic in far northwest WA, Northern Territory and Queensland as well as sailing to Antarctica as Marine Engineer, First Mate, Cook, Kayak guide, and general purpose bottle washer (:  on 100ft Tall Ships and expedition yachts over many years. Most importantly Greg’s love of bicycles and the simplistic freedom of bike touring has taken him on adventures through many distant parts of the world from the Arctic Circle to Mongolia, Europe, the Americas and even riding the Canning Stock route unsupported. Greg’s dream is to facilitate others in sharing his passion for seeing remote places by bicycle… the ultimate simplicity and connection with nature!

Cath Hew

Cath Hew

Logistics and Support

Cath Hew 

has also spent much of her life in wilderness and remote areas. Her early family life involved epic 4WD trips through the Australian Outback and desert regions in a time when this was not commonplace and definitely planted the seeds that led to a life of adventure.  As captain of her own sailing yacht, she’s been taking like-minded adventurers down to Antarctica for the last 17 years and understands well the logistics and care of clients in remote locations….especially the importance of great food! Cath also loves bike touring and for her, Mundabiddy, Gibb River road and Mongolia are a start!

What we provide

You need only bring a soft bag with personal items such as clothes, riding clothes, hat, helmet, camera, medications, sun protection and personal sleeping bag. Everything else is supplied. On booking you will be supplied with recommended gear lists and we will choose a bike that fits you best.

LifeCycle Adventures - bike tours through the Australian wilderness


We have 11 new Surly Karate Monkeys 2020 and we have sizes ranging from Extra Large to Small. If you have a favourite bike seat you are welcome to bring it.

We also have a range of fatbikes for desert trips (Simpson and Canning)  which are available for hire.

We maintain a spare parts inventory and mobile workshop to keep the bikes in great condition.

We also have panniers and equipment for more remote bikepacking where the bikes can be independent for a night or two and carry camping equipment.

LifeCycle tour bus
Buses and Custom Trailer

Isuzu NPS 300  4WD 18 seater bus, purpose-built off-road tour bus. OKA 4WD go Absolutely Anywhere! West Australian built 4WD bus, 13 seats.

Depending on trips and numbers we may use either bus. Our purpose-built trailer is equipped with bike storage, a number of fridge/freezers and an excellent camp kitchen.

LifeCycle tour bus and gear
Camping Gear

We have a range of top quality 3 man tents from Wilderness Equipment as well as Safari Tents, Sea to Summit mattresses, inflatable pillows, and comfy camp chairs, 4 large Trailblazer fridge/ freezers.

Enjoy the bike ride of your life