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We bring Wild and Remote Adventures into your comfort zone with our expert support, so you can enjoy bucket list destinations off the beaten track with like-minded adventurers. Focus on Adventure and leave the logistics to us.

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While many people may have the perception that Riding the Gibb River road or crossing the Simpson Desert on a bike is a super hard core activity, the fact is that with our knowledge and support, we bring it down to most people’s comfort zone, so you can experience a supreme adventure quite readily!

To join one of our adventures its best to have a reasonable level of fitness to get the most out of the trip. We suggest you train and build up some bike fitness prior to the trip, and we are very happy to chat about any concerns you may have. It’s also true that you will build extra fitness during the trip, and while the first couple of days may be hard, each day you’ll be finding the riding easier, and that amazing fitness just kinda creeps up on you! One of the bonuses of choosing bike holidays is returning to normal life with a huge buzz and terrific body!

Most of our trips are aimed at not only interesting riding but also enjoying the incredible terrain we travel through. We like to start early and use the afternoons for swimming in waterholes, exploring, or just relaxing in some beautiful place. We are here to experience gorgeous landscapes and connect intimately with the natural environment, so at times we leave the bikes to hike in to points of interest.

As a small group of no more than 10 guests we are quite flexible and will tailor the trip to try and accommodate guest’s needs. It’s quite possible that on many of our rides we may be able to separate into 2 groups which can travel at different speeds. Being fully supported means that we have back up and should you need a break to ride in the bus and enjoy the scenery or photographic opportunities, that’s fine. The bus and the guide will be in touch by satellite phone so we can co-ordinate pickups or assistance. We even have a motorbike with a bike rack!

We are also happy to accommodate partners or non-riders who are welcome to ride in the bus each day and enjoy the incredible landscapes, photographic opportunities and beautiful campsites.

We are happy to hear about any special dietary requirements you may have and will do our best to cater for them in our camp kitchen.

Since we are travelling in remote areas, we require each participant to answer a simple medical questionnaire as we don’t wish for any urprises in the middle of nowhere. We donate a portion of each trip fee to the Royal Flying Doctors in appreciation of their Mantle of Care.

We carry a comprehensive First Aid kit and are trained in Wilderness First Responder Certification. We sincerely hope that the occasion will not arise, however all participants must have travel insurance that includes medevac provisions.

During the trip we will be using satellite phones for communication in the areas that don’t have normal mobile reception. You will be able to send and receive texts if necessary to our sat phones, however calls are charged.

We like to follow a policy of inclusion and enjoy the diversity of different people and different personalities, however we have a zero drug tolerance and won’t tolerate abusive or aggressive behaviour. We also prefer limited alcohol consumption. Its very easy to get high on endorphins from riding and euphoria from Nature!!!

We like to keep a group culture of Adventure tempered by Courtesy.


Enjoy the bike ride of your life